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Blind Date Advice If this country were ruled by me, Teddy Shabba, then having a “blind date” would be capable of breaking the law.” Sadly, however, no one is a player in my life right now. What I can do, however, is set certain ground rules for men on blind dates.
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1. make every effort to turn the blind date into a party. If the blind date for whomever is arranging the blind date cannot or will not host a party for you at all, consider hosting a barbecue yourself. Make sure to invite all your old blind date friends so you put yourself in a win-win situation. If she’s your type and you hit it off, end the party early and maybe she’ll stay and help you clean up, or better yet, go somewhere else. On the other hand, if she’s not your type or you don’t like her, you can end the party early and let her go home too, or continue the party and hang out with your friends.
2.2. If the party doesn’t work for you, you can take your date to coffee or ice cream and choose your date afterwards in case she piques your interest, and if she’s not your type, leave after the ice cream. Matchmaking advice
3. Tell the person who set up your blind date exactly what you won’t tolerate. That way, when you feel compelled to leave, you can tell them that you told them you were picky.
4.4. go into this with the worst expectations. If you expect the worst, hope that you’ll be surprised anyway. In short, blind dates don’t work for sex dates because if you find her attractive, you’ve probably already made a move on her.
Matchmaking Advice Also, when you put two people together and say you like each other, the natural tendency is to start looking for flaws, and the human brain has the ability to create whatever reality we want. Start taking action and let mature singles dating change your social life forever! Get your matchmaking advice now.

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