Dating Advice – First Dates To New Beginnings

Adult Dating 10 years ago (2013) Alexis
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When it comes to first dates, my dating advice to you is to relax! The purpose of a first date is to enjoy, so unbutton two buttons from your shirt, relax your belt, and breathe. The purpose of a first date is to enjoy, so undo two buttons from your shirt, loosen your belt, and breathe. Cancel your dinner reservations, skip the movie, and take it easy.
Just like they preach in real estate. Location, location, location!” . A first date should always be used to enjoy someone, and if you follow my advice, no matter who you’re with, you’ll enjoy the date Enjoy your first date, whether it’s attractive or not. Since comfort is the key to an enjoyable date, go out of your way to bring endless fun and laughter. But for the comfort of others, you, yourself, should also be comfortable. I quote Gail Laguna when she says, “It’s great to meet another person in such a relaxed setting where it’s not like a typical first date or blind date. When you share experiences and adventures or common interests, you’re less stressed.”
Where you go plays a major role in whether this happens or not. Now I know you don’t expect me to tell you who to take where on a first date, do you? I mean, that’s what the initial phone conversation is for, isn’t it? By knowing the basics about someone on a speed date, you should be able to create a comfortable environment that you can both enjoy. As Gail Laguna mentioned before, stop treating the first date like a first date and instead treat it like your fourth or fifth. Wherever you choose to have your first date, just make sure it’s somewhere where two people can easily connect. I don’t think the bar and club scene has much to do with it. Once you lose the interaction, the first date can become your last date. Choose the activity over the format. Use every moment to get to know your first date. The worst thing that can happen to you girls on a date is to part like strangers. In short, treat your first date as a craft, not a task, and with that, you’re more likely to have a memorable first date.

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