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Remember when you “fell in love”? She couldn’t wait to call that person or see that person. Your weekend activities had been consumed by intimacy. You were safe, that’s really all.”
Six months or eight months later, if you break up, you can’t understand what went wrong. Was it sex or some other issue?
It’s other issues.
Many couples who are friends dating go through the same situation. It’s almost like a movie script that can get similar.
Man and woman meet online, chat a few weeks later, then talk on the phone, meet for coffee. Man and friend date a woman, divorced for a few years, not in a relationship, both craving human contact, affection, and connection. He thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she thought he was the funniest, smartest man I’d ever met.
On their second date, they went to the home of the girl they were dating, and what followed was 6 months of bliss and highly sexual activity. Then, their relationship seemed to hit rock bottom. The sex became infrequent, they started arguing, and began to lose interest in each other. Finally, they called it quits.” He said, “I guess she wasn’t the one.
Well, maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t.
This “head over heels” love story usually happens after you’ve had no sex or a long relationship. It’s no secret that the process of falling in love actually has to do with the pleasure pathways that have been acting on us for a long time. These pathways are hardwired in us to ensure the reproduction of the human species. Meetings and sex cause the release of dopamine and serotonin with people who are dating usually. When dopamine is released, it gives a sense of well-being. It tells us that the behavior we are doing is good for us. Serotonin gives us a sense of trust and security. These two together are powerful mind magic and make us feel like we are falling in love. This feeling of a “love high” can last up to a year. So, if you understand this, you may help yourself avoid making mistakes. For this reason, I recommend that you date your chosen partner for at least a year before any engagement.
It’s not “fire” that causes breakdowns, it’s “style” or should I say lifestyle. In the long run, the most important aspect of a friends dating relationship is the lifestyle of the participants. For example, a single friend dating relationship will work if the potential partner enjoys the outdoors and likes to play Scrabble every weekend. If you’re a big fan and your partner goes to church twice a year, this could mean trouble ahead. None of these issues are insurmountable, but the greater the lifestyle differences, the greater the chances of relationship difficulties. Therefore, it makes sense for new couples to consider using one of the many personality questionnaires to gauge compatibility before things get out of hand. Most of the big dating sites have one, and I don’t have one in my ebook. After one of these instruments, if you arrive at many areas of difference, you know you have your work cut out for you and you can start sooner rather than later.

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