What Men Should And Shouldn’t Do On Dating Sites

Adult Dating 10 years ago (2013) Alexis
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Men, learn how to present yourself on dating and personals sites.
As a man and a dating site owner, I have to tell all my fellow men that you are driving away all the women. Most of you anyway. Women are keen on the way we behave because most of us behave the same way on dating sites. Here’s a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” to help keep dating girls on these sites and help you get some responses.
1) Don’t copy and paste 25 of the exact same emails and send them out. Women see through this and it gets you nowhere. Ever wonder why you’re not getting responses? Here’s the first reason. Be sure to send separate emails and put some thought into contacting the women on these dating sites. These emails that are related to dating services go in the spam folder. Remember: women receive 100’s of emails a day from all kinds of men. If your emails don’t have heart, then you will be ignored.
2) Always check your emails, women are very turned off by someone who can’t spell, it shows that you are either stupid or lazy. The same goes for grammar. Take the time to get it right and you’ll get a response.
3) Don’t choose nicknames that are sexually suggestive (unless you’re on an adult dating site). Remember, women usually like classy men, and Roger_69sU suggests you only want to do one-night stands. Try a more subtle approach.
4) If you’re married, don’t contact single women. It’s a waste of their time and an insult to them. Read their profiles and see if they are interested in married men, all types of dating services are offered by the site for singles.
5) Don’t lie. Don’t lie. Don’t lie. Say enough.
6) Don’t send women pictures of your “private parts”. They will ask if they want to see that. Always send them a nice picture that shows your sense of humor or style.
7) Don’t send an email after you see their picture. Make sure to read their profile first.
8) Don’t harass women who aren’t interested. This ruins the site for everyone and will likely get you banned from dating sites forever. Many sites now have full-fledged dating features for this very reason. Please treat all other people on the site as if you were talking to them. Do you harass them to their face?
This is just a very small list of some of the incredibly dumb things that are done on internet dating and singles sites. Now, of course there are some great guys out there honestly looking for a nice dating, nice dating friendships, so any woman reading this, just bear with us, we men are slowly catching up and figuring it out.

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