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For most dating partners try to explore various sexual positions when they have close friends dating relationship. In fact, it is great to explore new positions when it comes to sex because it will make the sexual experience more exciting. If you try searching in Google or Yahoo, you will find that there are tons of adult dating sites that will tell you the best sex positions. However, do you really know how you can find your best sex position?
The truth is, the best sex position for me may not be the best position for you. We have to admit that everyone is different and there is no universal sex position that works for everyone. You have to explore sex positions with your single dating partner on your own. The point here is that you have to explore and find out the best sex dating positions that work for you and your partner. Here are some tips for you.
The first thing you need to consider when exploring some new positions with your partner is comfort. You may have watched a lot of sex videos on free dating sites and you may have seen a lot of different lovemaking positions from these videos.
However, you must understand that most of these videos or movies are meant to be entertaining. They are not educational videos or movies that will show you how to explore your sexual positions. Therefore, you should not just follow what you see in these videos and think that the positions you see in the videos and movies are the best sex positions.
The positions you see in the videos may not be some comfortable positions. If it’s not comfortable, it’s never going to be a good sex position. Remember, you are not a porn star and you do not have to use sex positions that you find uncomfortable.
You should also consider if the sex position gives you pleasure. Sex is meant to be fun and enjoyable. If these positions do not give you any pleasure, there is no reason for you to use them.
From the above, you may understand that the best sex positions are the ones that give you the maximum amount of pleasure. And of course at the same time you will feel comfortable. You should explore your sex positions based on these two concepts.

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