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Adult Dating 11 years ago (2013) Berta
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I tend to have very bad luck when it comes to being on dating sites. About 3 weeks before my physics effective date, I met Nancy on a free dating site online and had been messaging each other frequently. We finally decided we wanted to take it to the next level and go do something fun. Big mistake. I should have known that with my clumsy and accident-prone nature, I wouldn’t make it through in 50 meters.
To make a long story short, I will tell you a little about this girl I met on a free singles dating service site. I picked him up at his house around 7:00 and she wasn’t ready …… But really, who expected that? Before she was ready, we made some small talk about how neither of us had really tried dating sites, so this was a new experience for both of us.
As we left his place, I looked down and happened to notice I had a sausage shirt …… Now for those of you who don’t know what it is, when the bottom of your shirt is pulled through the door you opened, it gives the impression that your wiener is made of fabric. This was a great way to start my night with a girl I met on a dating site. We both laughed, got in my truck and went to a great pizza place not far from his house. What better way to ease into our first date online no.
Oh yeah, we ordered our food, but once we started eating, I dropped my pizza, side trim, on the floor. God bless …… We laughed some more, finished our food and decided to go for a few drinks to end the night date. We went into a very pleasant local bar, had a little wine and some beer and all seemed well. Until something happened, I swear, and he prepared me for the waitress. When she brought us our Api and we were ordering, she “accidentally” dumped them in my lap …… I jumped up, hit the table, and spilled my drink on my date, making an awkward mess. I paid, we left, and I think we’ve had better experiences on friend dating sites.
So I came home from this totally disastrous date that night with this girl I met on a dating site and it seemed like the forces of nature were conspiring against me and doing everything they could to prevent me from seeing this girl again. On the positive side …… We both ended the evening laughing again. I think we’ll stay on the online dating site at least until we’re ready for another night of hilarity that isn’t online dating.

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