How To Kiss A Sexy Girl For The First Time

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Yes, I understand how you feel. It’s normal to feel nervous. Giving a girl you like a first kiss can be very exciting, but still very scary, especially if it’s your first kiss. Hey, when the time comes and you know how to kiss properly, you can even make her fall more in love with you.
However, if your first kiss goes in the wrong direction, you can even say goodbye to your next date. If don’t worry because here are some tips on how to kiss a sexy girl for the first time and leave him wanting more.
This may be the right direction, but many single men who are dating seem to forget this basic principle of kissing in their excitement. The first rule of kissing a girl is to keep your breath fresh. This is a very important key! Make sure you brush your tongue as well and do both when you brush your teeth regularly.
Secondly, avoid drinks and foods with strong and unpleasant smells such as alcohol, garlic or onions. If you are a smoker, don’t smoke. Many single friends dating girls are bothered by the smell of a stale ashtray in your mouth. To get a fresher smell faster, carry some mints with you, but remember they are only an aid to help keep your breath fresh.
It’s also crucial to pay attention to your date’s signals that he feels close and comfortable with you and enjoys your company; holding your hand firmly but kindly, smiling and laughing as you talk, touching or stroking your forearm, or even resting his head on your shoulder. This is her body language telling you she’s ready to hug you. If all this body language is missing, don’t commit to kissing. If you do, you may never get another chance to date.
On your side, don’t surprise your friend dating with that first kiss. Test the waters and send notes with body language that lets him know what’s on your mind. This means doing what you want him to do, like leaning into her, holding her hand and gently pulling it towards you. Then wait for his answer. If it’s your move and you say he is subtle, it’s ready for that first kiss.
If she can not meet your body language, or worse, turn his head, then the time is not ripe for immediate picking. Never force a kiss on a woman, because by doing so, you’re writing your own death sentence on his new date and not meant to enjoy another kiss!
When you finally do kiss, start with a simple light shut up and draw short. If she responds well to this, do a smaller number with time intervals during the night. Keep doing this and when it’s still his game, then it’s time to start making your kisses and a little more passionate.
An important rule to give your first kiss to the person you are kissing is to always move slowly. This is because moving too fast may cause him to reject your instinctive advance. This is his instinctive awe mechanism at work. On the other hand, moving deliberately slowly is exciting and romantic and can even open you up to more drops.
So, the next question is how far should we go on the date of the first kiss? Well, the unwritten rule of the dating game is not to expect too much from your first kiss. A closed mouth kiss is already a great start to a short one. Many of these kisses are even better.
Once your date is going to respond positively, you can keep approaching. Open your mouth slightly and see if it responds in the same way. Even if you manage to get an open-mouth kiss, don’t use your words against the Frenchman’s just yet. A little patience and the fruits of your labor will be softer.
Let the French kiss take place on the next date, because it’s also an exciting time for a date, and when you leave her hanging, it will be forwarded to the next day, and hopefully you’ll be French kissing by then . In the game of seduction and flirting, this exercise is known as rejection of attraction.
Why are you still reading this blog? Go give that first kiss now!

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