How To Make A Woman Orgasm

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Women all yearn for a pleasurable orgasm, and men all want to do it themselves, two aspirations and one goal. 

During sex, there should be at least 15 minutes of foreplay, touching and kissing the sensitive parts of the female body, gradually arousing the female’s sexual desire, and then having sexual intercourse, in order to make it easier to achieve orgasm.

As long as men tease and play with women sufficiently and effectively during the exciting period and the continuous period, female sexual desire can be extremely excited; only when women are extremely excited, women will have a strong desire for heights; women who have developed a strong desire for heights , can’t wait to hope that his excitement can be continuously and violently attacked by men.

The following is to decode the female orgasm through the two essentials of promoting female orgasm and the three steps of promoting height.

1. Two main points

① Essentials 1:

In the operation of promoting orgasm, men must subject women’s “five places” to continuous and violent squeezing and friction at the same time, namely vagina, vaginal opening, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris.

During the sex life of couples, in order to ensure that women can achieve orgasm, when promoting the operation, men must subject women to continuous and violent squeezing and friction in five places at the same time.

② Essentials 2:

In order to allow the five parts of women to be continuously and violently squeezed and rubbed at the same time, men must use “three pipes” when performing height-enhancing operations on women. During the height-enhancing operation, the target of the attack is the clitoris, and the target of the penis attack is the vagina mouth, labia majora and labia minora,

2. Three steps to promote high

To promote orgasm, three steps in place. The orgasm period is only one of the four cycles of theoretical sexual response, which cannot be carried out alone. It must go through the full and effective intimacy of the male to the female during the exciting period and the continuous period. After teasing and playing, women can only perform height-promoting operations when they have a strong desire to seek heights.

The first step is to do a good job of starting the excitement period depending on the person. 

The excitement period is the prelude to the continuation period and the prelude to the orgasm period. In order for women to have an orgasm, men should not be too hasty and should not go straight to the topic. During the excitement period, men have to kiss and tease women in order to make women erotic. Men have to operate on women according to the different requirements of different women.

The second step is to do a good job in the promotion of the duration of the operation. 

After the men’s full and effective intimacy and provocation with women in the exciting period, when the sexual excitement of women develops to a state of desire, the couple’s sexual life enters a continuous period, which is the pre-coital stage of couples’ sexual intercourse, the beginning of sexual play and the beginning of sexual provocation. Continue, the male can perform intimacy actions as he wishes during the duration.

The third step is to perform height-promoting operations on women. 

After men have fully and effectively intimidated, provocative and playful to women in the exciting period and the continuous period, the women are extremely excited and have a strong desire to seek high. At this moment, men should not miss the opportunity to attack in time.

First of all, stop the piston-type thrusting and impact of the penis on the vagina, insert the penis deep into the vagina, align the high point and press the clitoris. The squeezing and rubbing action continuously and violently squeezes and rubs the clitoris. With the rapid development of women’s sexual excitement, men should maximize their attack strength and speed up their attack speed. Slow down, do not decompress, make sure that between the high point and the clitoris, do not leave, not in a good position, until the female tide ebbs, the male can stop the operation.

Different data show that the incidence of female orgasm disorder is 20%-78%. Therefore, many women do not achieve orgasm during sex. Couples can pursue the best sex, but if not, a high Quality sex is also a good choice.

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