Link Carnival – Weird Games, Evo’s Psych, Bad Advice, And Cool Sex Sites

Sexual Health 13 years ago (2011) Barbara
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People have sent me a lot of links related to sexuality. I thought I’d present some of my favorites for readers to check out.
Rape May Not Be Genetic Adaptation – I always hate it when evolutionary psychologists decide they want to confirm gender stereotypes by making assumptions and ignoring what contradictory data says. Here’s an article refuting the claim that rape victims seem to resist particularly hard during their reproductive years.
Utter. Adult play – This humorous play is by no means safe for work. It’s certainly a social commentary on how we treat women and sex… But it’s more than that, it’s funny and entertaining. The plot is that there are 10 men in love with Ute, and her grandmother suggests that she have sex with as many of them as she can without getting caught before she gets married. My favorite part was the different animations of each different man.
Jessica O’Reilly, Sexologist – I loved the different posts about fetishes and sexual terms – she designed different letters for each post and found the names of the sexual acts and fetishes associated with them.
Poolboy Magazine – Poolboy publishes the most badass women’s lifestyle magazine I’ve ever seen. I was a contributor to their first issue, and I wrote an article explaining the realities and challenges of different birth control methods. Poolboy is definitely NSFW because it has naked men.
Sex Is Not The Enemy – a Tumblr dedicated to happy people having sex. fascinating and inspiring, but has NSFW!
Possible Sting Operation at Planned Parenthood – A man associated with Operation Life (an organization notorious for infiltrating Planned Parenthood and maliciously editing videos to make staff look bad) visited 12 clinics claiming to be the head of a sex trafficking ring.

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