Seduction And Dating Advice – Sit Like A Pimp

Adult Dating 10 years ago (2013) Alexis
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Do you not feel anxious about a girl, even if it’s just talking to her on the phone? If not exactly, there may be times when you get into an awkward conversation, or at some point you feel nervous or pressured. Some girls tend to be really dominant, especially in conversations, senior dating which is just on the phone. That’s why some guys are intimidated by them. So this time I’m going to give you one of the easiest dating tips that will instantly pump up your phone game.. . This technique is called, “Sitting like a pimp” Yes, you read that right, but bear with me.
Just before you call the lady you might be interested in (maybe she’s calling you), it’s very helpful to sit down and get into a comfortable “purchaser style” body position. If you’re not sure what that looks like, go watch Hustle n’ Flow or turn on BET. the key to finding your personal inner procurer is one thing: comfort. Physical comfort is your measuring stick. If you like to have sex tonight, sitting on the couch with your legs crossed, go for it. Personally, I like to lean back, stretch my legs, and take up the space I want to occupy. If you have a plush couch or comfy chair (or anything), go ahead and try this technique now.
If it helps, maybe grab an ice glass and try it with a drink in your hand. Practice it until you master it. Phase 2: Now call a girl you’re interested in, but make sure you “sit like a hustler.” Hold this position throughout the call and notice if and when you start to reflexively change into a less comfortable position. In this dating advice, you may find that this new ‘procurer-like’ body posture will accomplish two things: a) It will automatically put you into a more dominant and relaxed frame.
This will give you a clearer mind and allow you to come up with some appropriate conversational techniques to use with her.B) It will help alleviate any excess anxiety you may experience when calling her. Remember: it’s a lot easier to avoid sexy women experiencing emotional distress when you’re physically relaxed. Warning: don’t go too far! This exercise is about “sitting around like a pimp,” not “punching her in the face if she doesn’t get my booty!

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