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If they call it Fuckbook, can it be bad? I don't think so, and considering that for only $29/month you can interact with all members of the largest online sex community……

Advertising is also wonderful

FuckBook Review

If They Call It Fuckbook Can It Be Bad? I Don’t Think So, Considering That With Only $29/mo You Will Be Able To Interact With All The Members Of The Biggest Online Sex Dating Community, It Sounds Pretty Legit To Me.

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FuckBook PROS:

  • Unconditional sex
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to join lifetime membership
  • Awesome website design/easy to use interface
  • Here’s what social media is all about
  • There’s plenty of chicks to talk to.
  • karma system

FuckBook CONS:

  • Uncertain success rate
  • Not much female interaction

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