The Joy Of Being In Single Love

Adult Dating 9 years ago (2014) Alexis
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In my past, I fell in love with single women. I loved the way I felt when I was in love, with no question in my mind as to why or what it meant. I assume the woman I love is the reason for all the acuity and sometimes almost painful awareness of the beauty of everything that connects singleness. I was experiencing appreciation and valuing me and as a result I felt more beautiful, lovable and loved. Now I know that it’s not the woman I love that makes me feel that uplifting glow or magnificent sense of well-being.
She is not the source of the vibrant life I experience. My love awakens something in me that I had forgotten, or that I never saw clearly in myself. My Beloved holds a mirror in front of me and reflects back to me the hidden beauty and nature of myself. This hidden inner beauty is pure love, online singles dating sites love that has no limits, and it is this that brings an ecstatic awareness of the preciousness of life within me and around me.
This is truly the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the world around us. To remain aware of our true nature over time is one of our greatest challenges. We tend to get caught up in the incredibly powerful and limited awareness that surrounds singles dating sites. Of course, I didn’t learn this without doing a lot of self-examination and soul searching. I also had the most beloved team of spiritual teachers with me every step of the way, constantly reminding me of the meaning and importance of my experience.
No matter how hesitant or resistant I may have been at times, despite the challenges I still find living this truth, I do know it to be true that every relationship I have experienced has brought me gifts, even the ones that didn’t end up being the single women in my life.
As we live together or interact constantly, we begin to notice things in our partners that we hadn’t seen before. Sometimes those things don’t sit well with us. We find it hard not to be judgmental and often feel resentment and blame for the person who has let us down. We also begin to act out our own behaviors that are not loving or tender. When we get caught up in judging our beloved date and ourselves, we lose that magical ease and joy of being together. It’s confusing. It’s not what we expect. We want so badly for our relationship with our loved one to always be wonderful, unchallenging and easy. We want our love to be all that is needed to lead to that, and ultimately it is all that we need. But we generally slip back into an overwhelming focus on ourselves and the beliefs we live by. We lose the expanded focus that gave us the freedom to experience our ultimate happiness as partners.

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