Why Do Women Like Bad Boys?

Adult Dating 9 years ago (2014) Alexis
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In the real world, you see this everywhere in the workplace, people in school, people in college, people on the sports field, people out socializing. Men with a “dangerous streak” tend to have beautiful women on their side. It’s incredibly intriguing to see such wonderful women dating women sites fall in love with the men their mothers warned them about. They do what they want to do, go where they want to go, and answer to no one. Bad boys make the rules and always have a mission. They also seem strong, which makes women feel safe.
Bad boys have attitude, they are indifferent and have a take it or leave it attitude which makes women feel like they have to work hard to get a man’s attention and that working hard and eventually gaining interest is worth the fight. Bad boys like to test boundaries and are mysterious and keep women guessing.
Whenever I hear a woman tell me she is unsure about a certain man she is dating in the early stages and I know they are a good match, I always tell the man to pull away, not to call or even reply to her messages and predictably she starts to wonder where he is losing interest, her anxiety levels go up and suddenly she wants him, bingo. The bottom line is that bad boys are challenging and many women start free online dating from a very young age, we are taught that if something is a challenge, the end result has to be worth it.
The thrill of finally getting him alone with you can be an overwhelming rush. Maybe he’s a little confrontational with people, maybe an argument will break out. When he has a crush on you, this can make you feel even more special. It all gets your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing. If your life has become a series of repetitive cell phone conversations about trips to the mall, a fun guy that stands out from the crowd can fill the void quickly.
The downside is that your world can suddenly seem very small when you’re in the arms of a man who doesn’t operate by the standards society has chosen. All your values disintegrate when everything you stand for fails to impress people online. Such a reassessment of a person’s existence happens in a very short period of time with a person, which shows that you are not living up to your own potential. Your bad boy is able to enter and rock your world because you have a space within you that is open to anything.
Regardless of the mold your bad boy comes from, all of the above have one thing in common: your love of drama is necessary for the bad boy to get you properly excited to maintain your wild feelings. In your life, the love of drama draws you to bad boys in order to show others on singles dating sites that you are larger than life and keep them all immersed in boredom when your presence is more interesting than they could ever imagine.

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