Why Women Feel More Attached After Sex Than Men

Adult Dating 9 years ago (2014) Alexis
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Many of us have had a relationship with someone who was completely wrong for us, but we stayed anyway because we felt a connection. It can be difficult to figure out what’s going on in our heads when this happens, but what if it’s actually out of our control? There is a rarely talked about hormone, nicknamed the cuddle hormone, that is released during sexual dates and may affect our relationships, sex lives and relationships in ways we never thought possible.
Both men and women have this hormone, and while its exact purpose is unclear, it increases in our systems during orgasm in both men and women, as well as during childbirth. However, when the same picture is shown to a different group and it is explained that he is attached, 90% of women will go for him.
The most striking finding is that women have sex not for children or emotional intimacy, but for attraction and pleasure because it feels good, in other words, for the same reasons that men have sex.
Who hasn’t experienced the feeling of sudden attraction at the sight of another woman going after a man who wasn’t previously interested? Lots of fascinating generalizations, but the real takeaway from this book is that there are huge individual differences between women. Women like tall, man-shaped torsos and low voices, and all of these attributes are definitely free online dating sites a sign of high testosterone.
Each woman has her own ideal of what she finds attractive. Some women like short men, some like curly blondes, and some like the dark bearded type. You often hear a woman looking, but the love map was formed when we were children. We form a template of what we find attractive based on our past experiences with people. The number of pre-marital sexual partners is a good predictor of infidelity after marriage. This applies to both men and women. The greater the number before marriage, the greater the likelihood of infidelity in the marriage.

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