Why Do Women Want Love And Men Need Sex?

Adult Dating 8 years ago (2015) Alexis
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If a level of communication and trust has been established, a man will discuss things with a woman. Sharing activities can also be a healthy way to build a relationship. For some men, excitement may mean going to the library together. So, your advice is to know what you like and find male singles sites that enjoy those activities, and if women spend more time each week sharing some activities with men, they are likely to get along better with the men in their lives.
Men get excited about the different things women do. A woman wants to know that she is the only person he loves and that he likes her. A man wants his partner to be a bit of a horny animal in bed, hence the high subscription rate of men to magazines that are somewhat exploitative of women’s sex dating sites for women, and the ladies that are available in the bedroom tend to get what she wants from her man a dedicated lover.
A woman who is more vocal in bed, with that attitude, is likely to get a lot in return from her man. On the other hand, a woman who is indifferent and uses sex as a tool for manipulation is likely to receive game in return. The main thing is not so much about experimentation, although please don’t take this the wrong way. It’s about creativity, bonding and emotional intimacy with your life partner, and singularly men bonding through physical connection.
A man can become the father of a child every time he has sex, while a woman can only become the mother of a child every two years or so. This means that a woman must be choosy about who she allows to have sex with her. For generations, women have paid too high a price for making bad choices. The offspring of those men who choose to have adult single dating genes are weaker, and their children struggle to survive. These children carry the genes of their picky mothers, which is why those women’s genes are passed on to us.
On the other hand, men never have bad consequences for making bad choices. The more children they produce, the better their chances of passing on their genes to their offspring, because some of them are sure to survive. And men are determined to find better genes from their adult friends. They must take every opportunity to procreate to ensure that their genes will be passed on. Men who stick with only one woman, even if it’s a quality one, lose out genetically to men who take advantage of all the opportunities and have more children survive. These children carry their father’s promiscuous genes, which is why these male genes are passed on to us.

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